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Trust Center

Build, Protect and Empower with Trust

Innovating trustworthy technology

We develop and use advanced and reliable technologies, including cloud computing and AI, by always prioritizing your privacy and interests. We make use of AI within the necessary range, including only running them locally and securely on your private cameras.

Meeting global standards and compliances

We exhaust our efforts to build products and a cloud platform that are inherently secure in all possible aspects, and we continually improve to protect user data and devices with up-to-date security mechanism and systems. We ensure that everything we provide meets international standards, and is compliant with local laws and regulations.

Being transparent about our practices

By stating our policies and terms in an understandable way, we ensure you make informed decisions while using our products and services. Moreover, we make every effort to ensure that the implementation process of our commitments to you is clear and transparent, including how we process your data in response to requests from the authorities.

Ensuring that you make your own decisions

We believe that you should be the only one in full control of your data and devices, and we protect such control of you with strict data processing practices. You can easily manage your devices and data anytime, anywhere, according to your own preferences.

Additional Resources

Visit our Legal page to find more information on EZVIZ’s policies, terms and more

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