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Trust Center

Our Guideline: Handle Law Enforcement Issues with the Utmost Caution


With the value of tech for good and as a leading global smart home company, EZVIZ always respects data security and privacy of our users. We specifically state that, users themselves have ultimate control over all their data, and all user data processing will be transparent to users and only based on user authorization.

Like other companies, we may cooperate with government agencies, on condition that they make explicit requests to us in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, to respond to their specific requests. Only after our review and we believe that we can provide responses, we will respond to relevant requests and process user information in accordance with law within the necessary limits. What’s more, we make every effort to achieve the best transparency and data security protection for our users. We will regularly report on government law enforcement requests and make them publicly available to all users on our website.

We have never built a so-called "backdoor" or "master key" into any EZVIZ product or service, nor have we ever allowed any government to directly access EZVIZ servers, and never will.

Types of requests EZVIZ may receive

EZVIZ may receive various forms of legal requests seeking information from or actions by EZVIZ, within the limitation of meeting specific administrative, judicial or law enforcement requirements. We may receive requests from government agencies (including administrative, judicial and law enforcement agencies) of countries or regions where we provide products and services.

Government requests we receive usually include the following circumstances: when discovering and investigating criminal cases through surveillance video clues, for example, when it is discovered through a public video recording that criminal facts may exist and further verification is needed, investigative agencies will require us to provide technical assistance to identify product owners and users, to obtain account information, to retrieve usage records, to view usage, etc.; when a civil dispute occurs, the court and other relevant institutions, at the request of the plaintiff and defendant, will retrieve order records, after-sales record information from the user account; when emergencies that endanger social and public safety occur, administrative or law enforcement agencies may, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, require us to take action to cooperate with them.

Types of information EZVIZ may provide

Strictly within the limitation of applicable laws and based on EZVIZ’s business, the types of information EZVIZ can support are as follows:

A. Account information, including registered user name (in most cases it is not the real one), mobile phone number or email address, registration time and region, and other background information required when users using related functions.

B. Product information, including EZVIZ product information bound to the user account, such as product name, model, verification code, serial number, binding time and network environment.

C. Usage information, mainly the login or operation logs, including user account login time, IP address, client device information (mobile phone model, client version number); device operation logs (online and offline records).

D. Shopping or transaction records, which refer to the order information (time, goods, amount, payment method), purchase or order records, and delivery address (if applicable), only when users prefer Premium Service options (like CloudPlay Service) from EZVIZ.

E. Customer service information, including questionnaires, ratings, problem feedback submitted by users, after-sales service records, etc.

How EZVIZ manages various types of requests

EZVIZ has a centralized and standardized process for receiving, tracking, processing and responding to legal requests from government agencies.

EZVIZ will request that Governments comply with applicable laws and regulations when requesting EZVIZ’s cooperation. EZVIZ’s team will review the requests received to ensure they have valid legal basis. If EZVIZ believes that any request lacks a legitimate and reasonable legal basis, that any request is unclear, inappropriate or too broad, or that it may harm the legitimate interests of any third party, EZVIZ shall be entitled to object, question or reject such request. If any EZVIZ vendors involved, we will contractually require them to adhere to the same standards.

After 31 days, EZVIZ will provide a delayed notice to the involved users regarding the law enforcement, except in the following circumstances: providing notice is prohibited by court order or applicable law; EZVIZ believes that providing notice may expose identifiable individuals or groups pose a risk of injury or death; the cases involve child abuse.

We strongly encourage that the governments desiring to reach EZVIZ user’s data should carefully read our [Instructions for law enforcement requests to EZVIZ] to better understand how EZVIZ can collaborate with them.

How EZVIZ counts and reports the government requests

Starting from February 2025, at the beginning of each year, we will publish and update the transparency report on the official website [https://www.ezviz.com], disclosing the types and numbers of government requests we received in the previous year, as well as the countries/regions involved (other than Chinese Mainland).

Any request with the same valid legal basis that we process and respond to counts as one request. Any request that we challenge or deny counts as a request. If any request is revised, it counts as a new request. If we are asked to provide multiple pieces of information for a product in the same request, we will treat it as one request. Similarly, if a request requires us to provide multiple pieces of information for the same account, we will treat it as one request.

We classify the requests we receive into the following categories: product requests, account requests, transaction-related requests, and emergency investigation requests.

Currently, we disclose the acceptance and processing of government requests and disclose them according to the following categories.

1) Worldwide Government Product Requests

2) Worldwide Government Account Requests

3) Worldwide Government Transaction Information Requests

4) Worldwide Government Emergency Requests

If EZVIZ receives legitimate requests from other categories, we will include them in future transparency reports.

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