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  • EZVIZ introduces OutPro as the newest version to its world-leading outdoor security camera lineup
  • Featured flagship-level vision performance as well as AI technology, the OutPro is an accessible choice for those searching for outdoor security.
  • Dec 2, 2021 – EZVIZ, a global leading home security company, fastens its preeminence in terms of outdoor security with the launch of brand-new EZVIZ OutPro (C3TN 2K). The OutPro features all the essential elements one could ask for outdoor protection, not to mention some added value. Home can rely on it with its 2K resolution, AI person detection, vivid color night vision, active defense, IP67 weatherproof design, and more.


    “We are excited to announce a more accessible outdoor security camera, delivering both sturdy performance and smooth experience,” said Candice Tu, product manager of EZVIZ outdoor camera lineup. “Combining high-end visual experience and AI technology, the launch of EZVIZ OutPro is a reconfirmation of EZVIZ’s mission to share high-end security tech to everyone and every home.”


    The OutPro embeds a flagship-level vision system, which is designed especially for outdoor use. With 2K resolution and color night vision, the camera is able to render everything crystal clear, even if it is pitch black out there. Standing as an exclusive home guard, the OutPro is durable without any apprehension thanks to its high-ranking weatherproof.


    AI person detection, available on the on-device AI chip and algorithms, is an inheritance of EZVIZ premium outdoor cameras. The OutPro is able to discern human shape rather than other trivial moving staffs, thus to improve the automation degree of outdoor protection. When a suspicious person is detected, active defense on-spot will set off automatically, as well as an immediate notification through EZVIZ App. While you are enjoying your leisure movie night at home, the OutPro can provide peace of mind alongside with sense of security.


    In addition to all the serious functions, the OutPro also features two-way talk, H.265 video technology and rigid data security.


    A new product C3TN Color will soon join the C3 series, along with the award-winning dual-lens C3X, OutPro and C3TN 1080p, making it an easy selection for consumers with varied budgets and concentration to choose from.


    About EZVIZ

    Since 2013, EZVIZ is dedicated to putting “easy vision” in every home – that is, we strive to build simple yet powerful smart home devices and appliances to provide visual protection and tangible joy to every family. A global leader in smart home security, EZVIZ empowers the future of smart, connected living through relentless tech innovations, reliable high-quality products and trustworthy cloud services. With footprint in more than 130 countries, we've been trusted by millions of users and families.

  • For media inquiries, please contact: ezviz.pr@hikvision.com

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