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  • Smart home leader EZVIZ shakes up the market with its first smart wet and dry vacuum cleaner – an innovative, effortless floor cleaner for everyday stains and home messes
  • The launch marks EZVIZ’s solid first step into the home cleaning appliance sector, continuing its ever-expanding product offering to satisfy more family demands
  • September 19, 2022 – EZVIZ, the world-leading innovator in easy smart living, simplifies daily cleaning routines with an ultimate vacuum-mop combo. The company’s first smart, cordless wet/dry floor cleaner, the RH1, can now help families clean tough stains on all types of hard floors. Supported by a large battery, robust automated functions and easy maintenance, the RH1 tackles sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all at once. It keeps the user’s hands clean as it cleans and disinfects itself after use. From families with kids and pets to city dwellers with busy schedules, the RH1 makes cleanup short and sweet.


    Best known for its home security cameras and doorbells, EZVIZ has a record of success in building simple, reliable home devices. With a track record for impressive in-house innovation, EZVIZ looks to build whole-home smart solutions for protection and convenience. Starting with the RH1, EZVIZ officially unfolds its blueprint for a smart cleaning and home care lineup. A pro-version wet/dry cleaner and an AI-powered robot vacuum are also set to launch in the near future.


    Goes anywhere, cleans everything

    Engineered specifically for difficult messes – spilled drinks, sticky sauces and dirty footprints – caused by curious kids and energetic pets, the RH1 combines vacuum, mop, and water bucket into one device. A money-saver with multi-step cleaning, the RH1 works on 12,000 Pa suction power to take in heavy dust and stubborn stains, while detecting dirt levels automatically and adjusting the suction and water flow to maximize runtime.


    With a dual-tank design, the machine keeps clean and dirty water separate, and the high-efficiency roller brush flushes out debris and dirt during the operation, too. To truly sanitize the floor, the RH1 never cleans with a dirty brush or used water; its self-cleaning function also frees users from hand-cleaning the mop after use. When the dirty job is finished, the user only need to place the cleaner onto the docking station and start the self-cleaning cycle. The RH1 will clean and air-dry the brush completely to prevent germs from building up.


    Additional features on the EZVIZ RH1 Smart Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner:

    ·      Cordless power: Cleans a 200-square-meter home on one full charge

    ·      Large water tanks: Extends uninterrupted cleaning

    ·      Edge cleaning: Cleans in tight spaces and hard-to-reach corners easily

    ·      Easy to maneuver: One-click controls with indicators on a large LED screen and voice prompts

    “We build technologies to help everyone find effortless tranquility at home,” said Jessica He, associate lead product manager. “The RH1 fulfills people’s expectations for a great home cleaner: it is super easy to use, cordless to go anywhere, and powerful enough to clean everything in minutes – even itself. After rigid testing and numerous design improvements, we are confident the RH1 will become the new favorite housekeeping appliance for families around the globe.”

    About EZVIZ

    Since 2013, EZVIZ is dedicated to putting “easy vision” in every home – that is, we strive to build simple yet powerful smart home devices and appliances to provide visual protection and tangible joy to every family. A global leader in smart home security, EZVIZ empowers the future of smart, connected living through relentless tech innovations, reliable high-quality products and trustworthy cloud services. With footprint in more than 130 countries, we've been trusted by millions of users and families.



  • For media inquiries, please contact: media@ezviz.com

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