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EZVIZ is committed to keeping all products secure and working with the latest features according to the established best practices by providing firmware updates within the support time, which include security updates, bug fixes and new functions.

This document describes the firmware update policy and support for security updates, bug fixes and new functions of EZVIZ Products.

Upgrade Policy Overview

EZVIZ takes security and user experience issues very seriously. Accordingly, we provide outstanding maintenance of our products that includes technical support and regular releases, which include security updates, bug fixes and new functions based on users' feedback and industry best practices.

Generally, version updates are provided regularly and mainly for product performance. If there are some actual conditions, like some critical vulnerabilities are reported, an immediate update will be arranged. However, EZVIZ may does not provide upgrade for older firmware versions that are too old and have few users, even for security issues.

To ensure your product is fully protected and properly working, we'd always recommend you keeping your product updated. We will work with you to make upgrading as easy as possible and have product updates occur at a convenient time for you. EZVIZ will also send you regular reminders to update your product.

For security reasons, no downgrade methods will be provided once firmware is updated. EZVIZ will make every effort to maintain compatibility between firmware versions.

Security Updates

We do our best to provide continuous security updates for our products. The security updates generally include the latest security patches, security vulnerability fixes, and other security improvements. EZVIZ carry out this work through the continuous efforts of professional technicians, some of whom are authoritative external experts from extensive cooperation launched by us.

EZVIZ will maintain the security updates for at least 2(TWO) years after the first shipment for sale of the certain product models. Subject to actual conditions, we may support the security updates for 3 years or longer, such as, a very serious vulnerability is discovered that security fixes are necessary.

EZVIZ may does not provide security updates for older firmware versions that are too old and have few users. Therefore, all EZVIZ products need to be updated to the firmware version that includes the latest security update.

We regularly publish and update the end-of-life (EOL) product list for which firmware updates are no longer supported, to help you check whether your product can still support updates. You can consult the EOL product list here.

Guideline and Support

Most of updates will take no more than 2 minutes to complete the process. There may be temporarily unavailable of the product during upgrade, but it will return to normal after the process. Older versions may require multiple sequential firmware updates in order to get the latest version.

Users can view and complete the update as follows:

  • 1) Log into your EZVIZ account from your Mobile App;
  • 2) From the Home Page tap on the serial number or name of the device to go to the settings page;
  • 3) Scroll down to Device Version and tap to upgrade the device version;
  • 4) Follow the prompt to complete the setup (This process takes up to 2 minutes, do not exit that page until you get the prompt that the upgrade has been completed, put camera and phone under the same LAN can help you keep network stable during the upgrading).

Our customer service is always open and ready to provide customers with upgrade support services at any time.

If you have additional questions about product security, you may contact EZVIZ Security Team at security@ezviz.com


  • 1. The information on this page is for reference only, and the actual situation is subject to the update received by your product.
  • 2. The delivery time of upgrade patches may vary depending on the regions and models.
  • 3. The updates policies and the EOL product list are subject to change and will be reviewed on a regular basis.


  • Q: How should I do to update?

    A: If user enable the 'Automatic firmware updates'(on the device settings page of the EZVIZ app), the device will update automatically when convenient (usually at night) without a notification specially designed.

    If user doesn't enable the 'Automatic firmware updates', users must manually start the firmware update process by click the 'update' button.

  • Q: Do I have to update?

    A: EZVIZ strongly recommend you keeping your device updated to ensure it is fully protected and properly working. We will work with you to make upgrading as easy as possible and have device updates occur at a convenient time for you.

  • Q: The update fails?

    A: Please restart the device and try the update again. Do not cut off power during the process, since power failure will cause damage to the device. You may also contact customer service directly.

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