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Vulnerabilities in Some EZVIZ Products 20230726

Notice Released By: EZVIZ Security Team

Initial Release Date: 2023-07-26

Vulnerabilities & Affected Versions: 

Some EZVIZ products have been affected by Stack-Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-34551 and CVE-2023-34552).

Affected Product Models

Affected Versions


versions below V5.3.0 build 230215


versions below V5.3.0 build 230215


versions below V5.3.0 build 230221


versions below V5.3.2 build 230221


versions below V5.3.2 build 230218


versions below V5.2.7 build 230302

CS-CV310-A0-1C2WFR Wifi IP66 2.8mm 1080p

versions below V5.3.2 build 230214


versions below V5.2.3 build 230217


versions below V5.3.4 build 230214

Fix Progress: 

The reported vulnerabilities have been fully identified and patched into the latest EZVIZ firmware, which has been released to the affected users for firmware update via the EZVIZ App.

Completing Device Firmware Upgrade:

For users with an affected device, they can complete the firmware upgrade via their EZVIZ App on the specific device page to mitigate the vulnerabilities. Users should have received an upgrade push notification and are able to follow the instruction on the update page to complete the upgrade properly.

Source of Vulnerability Information:

The vulnerabilities were reported to EZVIZ Security Team by Octavio Gianatiempo and Javier Aguinaga from Faraday Security Research team.

Contact Us:

If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability, please report it to EZVIZ at  security@ezviz.com. Our security team will be in touch if we need more information.

EZVIZ would like to thank all security researchers and professionals who help test, identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in EZVIZ products, to make sure we continue to respectfully protect people and homes, while securing devices and data.

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