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Better with EZVIZ

Steadfastly living our core values to protect, care and empower

At EZVIZ, we're committed to building smarter homes for every family, and more importantly, a better future for everyone. We firmly believe that the ultimate goal of good, responsible technology is to contribute to the greater happiness for the mankind.

Our Purposes

Fuel Positivity. Make an Impact.


We push the boundaries of smart home technology while upholding high ethical standards and universal values. We believe in the meaningful application of benign technologies, and take on responsibility to build future-ready products.


We put people's well-being at the center of everything we do. We give back to a wide range of communities with what we build and innovate, helping more people to connect, stay safe and grow together in an inclusive way.


We care about a more sustainable future for all lives, by raising awareness on climate change, environmental biodiversity, animal welfare and more. We engage users, partners and a broader community through global initiatives.

Areas of Focus

Driving Visible Changes

Shared & Sustainable Planet

Our Stories of Impact

EZVIZ puts people at the center of its approach – leveraging our strengths and resources to create a positive impact by engaging our users, customers, partners, industry peers and the global community. We are motivated to fuel positivity through company-wide strategies and long-term actions.

Our Stories of Impact

EZVIZ puts people at the center of its approach – leveraging our strengths and resources to create a positive impact by engaging our users, customers, partners, industry peers and the global community. We are motivated to fuel positivity through company-wide strategies and long-term actions.

Shared & Sustainable Planet

EZVIZ Green Initiative

Launched in 2022, EZVIZ Green is a company-wide, public-facing initiative that reflects EZVIZ’s multi-faceted approaches to fulfill its promise towards sustainability. Highlights of the initiative include: developing eco-friendly products and services for greener smart homes, running special EZVIZ Green projects among the EZVIZ community such as tree donating and local farmer empowerment, and more.

With the special “EZVIZ Green” badge, we hope to show EZVIZ’s commitment and ability to better protect the planet, and raise more people’s awareness of sustainability.

Learn more about EZVIZ Green
Launching Clean, Solar-Powered Solutions
Presenting Better Designs & Useful Products
Planning EZVIZ Green Activities for Advocacy

EZVIZ Global Forest Plan

The EZVIZ Global Forest Plan is a multi-year agroforestry project launched in 2023, with a goal to grow greenness and enhance biodiversity on the planet. This project draws from the EZVIZ Green Fund, financed by the sales of EZVIZ’s latest ecologically-minded innovations.

Teaming up with the leading tree-planting platform Treedom, EZVIZ grows two trees per day on average. By working with regional eco experts and farmers around the world, the company selects tree species that best respect local environmental systems, and hopes to bring social and economic benefits to the local communities.

EZVIZ Animal Protection Project

As a company with a large user community of pet owners and animal lovers, EZVIZ actively supports animal welfare by collaborating with animal protection associations, charities and community-based active groups around the globe. In addition to innovating useful products with tailored features for pet care and outdoor animal monitoring, EZVIZ fuels special projects through product donations and special funds, and co-hosts awareness campaigns across all social media platforms for greater public attention. Together, EZVIZ hopes to create not only comfortable smart homes for people, but also safe havens and better living conditions for humans’ loyal friends.

Youth Protection & Support

EZVIZ × Operation Smile

Globally, about one in 500 to 700 children can be born with a cleft lip and/or cleft palate (data provided by Operation Smile), which presents a major challenge for them to speak and eat normally, and can lead to a lack of self-confidence or even emotional depression due to social isolation and bullying.

Understanding that timely medical treatment is the best, easiest way to help those children restore a happy smile and live a normal life, EZVIZ partners with Operation Smile Vietnam to fund safe, free surgeries through various special campaigns, bringing hope and love to thousands of families in Vietnam.

EZVIZ × Safe Kids Worldwide

As EZVIZ products are used around the world to create safer homes, the company maintains long-term relationships with leading childcare organizations to provide educational resources and raise awareness about child safety.

Together with Safe Kids Worldwide-China and several local health authorities, EZVIZ carried out educational workshops in 10 kindergartens and elementary schools. These workshops guided children to better understand how to protect themselves from common dangers and injuries through creative engagement and fun games, and showed how tech products can help parents take better care of their children and create a safer environment.

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Community Empowerment

EZVIZ × Fundación Soy Oportunidad

According to Soy Oportunidad, in Colombia, young mothers can face challenges to provide for their families due to limited opportunities to obtain higher education and a lack of quality employment. This can ultimately lead to poverty and therefore unfavorable living conditions for raising their children. A stable job with a steady income is the key factor that changes the situation of these vulnerable women.

As a company committed to equal employment and women's rights, EZVIZ worked with Soy Oportunidad to tackle this problem with a long-term approach. Instead of direct donations, EZVIZ funds long-term support programs to provide women with knowledge and tools for a better life.

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Our Impact Partners

EZVIZ partners with world-leading and grassroots organizations that work with great enthusiasm for what they want to change, reliable professionalism in project design and a deep understanding of what their communities need most.

If your organization wants to make a positive impact together with EZVIZ, you may contact media@ezviz.com and we're more than happy to hear your thoughts.

Better with EZVIZ

Protect, care and empower

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