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  • EZVIZ launches its first AI-powered petite baby monitor, providing smarter awareness to help new parents with their everyday duties and constant care
  • Inheriting EZVIZ’s core competencies in best-in-class security cameras, the Baby Monitor 1 is thoughtfully built – from design to functions – to ease daily parenting routines
  • September 19, 2022 – The world’s leading smart home camera brand, EZVIZ, re-affirms its dedication to bridging good technology with real lives by launching its very first baby monitor. By design, the palm-sized and visually pleasant EZVIZ Baby Monitor 1 fits in any baby room. It is fully battery-powered and ready to go virtually anywhere with no strings attached. By functionality, it’s possibly one of the smartest in the market, as its on-board AI chip allows it to detect and alert various types of baby activities. The camera shares both concerns and joys with new parents – it is carefully made with baby-safe materials and features a tangle-free design to maximize protection. Baby Monitor 1 supports motion-triggered video recording to keep a visual diary of all those growing-up moments.


    Love made visible, care made smart

    Over the past nine years, EZVIZ indoor security cameras have entered millions of family homes globally as reliable baby monitors, since they provide real-time video streaming and remote communications tools. However, a video stream is only the first step to good companionship and parenthood. Aware of the growing need for a more tailored solution, EZVIZ designed the Baby Monitor 1 with many little details that hit the bullseye.


    Looking like a petite accessory, the camera first ditches the bulkiness of traditional home cameras, and bears an adorable animal shape to harmonize with any baby room interior. Furthermore, it applies a 100% wire-free setup, so no dangerous cords are ever needed around the crib or activity areas. And because a baby’s skin is sensitive to allergens, EZVIZ uses non-toxic silicone to wrap the camera body so it’s safe to be touched or even grabbed by curious hands.


    In addition to the user-centered design, the Baby Monitor 1 meets the needs of a new generation of parents who enjoy the convenience of a smart home. Fully aware that a newborn’s arrival can be extremely demanding from sunup to sundown, the EZVIZ Baby Monitor 1 takes a shift for parents when they need it. Its local AI chip can quickly process detection on noise level change. When the child cries, the monitor will automatically play comforting music until mommy or daddy arrives, and sends a mobile notification to the parents’ phone. It detects human activities, too. Whether the baby moves and crawls, or escapes from the safety area that’s drawn on the EZVIZ app, parents will be informed immediately.


    Additional features to make parenthood easier:

    ·      All night protection: Up to seven hours of non-stop protection on one full- charge, and supports clear night vision with no visible red light to disturb the baby’s sleep

    ·      Hands-free control: Integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant, so moms can pull up the live stream on their smart display by simply using their voice.


    “As a working parent, I understand the struggles and excitements that first-time parents face. The Baby Monitor 1 was born during my first months of being a mom,” said Lexie Zhang, lead product manager, “Parents will fall in love with this baby monitor at first sight, as we all want cute décor for our cutie-pies. And parents will continue to love it as it can be truly helpful when you need to take a breath from the exhaustion of constant care but still need to be in control of the situation.”


  • For media inquiries, please contact: media@ezviz.com
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