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  • EZVIZ HP7 wins Best Product of the Year from the Plus X Award, revolutionizing traditional house intercom solutions with exceptional design and functionality
  • The HP7 stands out from the crowd with its sophisticated features to wholly address communication and safety needs of a modern residence, plus outstanding design that satisfies visual pleasure and use
  • Nov 30, 2023 – EZVIZ, a global leading smart home tech company, took home the highest accolade from this year’s Plus X Award, announcing its winning of the Best Product of the Year with its latest breakthrough product, the HP7 Smart Video Doorphone. Built as a game changer to replace bulky, outdated video intercom systems, the HP7 is internet-connected, app-controllable, and easy in installation. It greatly simplifies front-door communication with remote control features and, as a multifunctional device, improves home security on various levels.


    The Plus X Award is amongst the world’s largest innovation award that honors brands for the leading edge in quality and innovation of their products. To receive the highest honor of “Best Product of the Year”, the competing product must earn one or more of the seven quality seals of approval for innovation, high quality, design, functionality, ease of use, ergonomics and ecology from the jury made of designers, editors and industry experts.


    “We are extremely proud because the success of the HP7 confirms EZVIZ’s continued leadership in the home entry product category,” said Candice Tu, the leading product manager. “It’s an example of how we enhance the user experience of an everyday household device, by applying effective product design to integrate complex features to be easy, straightforward and pleasant to use for everyone.”


    Combining of a 2-in-1 camera and doorbell with a 7-inch color touch screen, the HP7 kit opens doors and welcomes visitors in a much easier way. Users can swipe a card, use the indoor screen or even their phone to unlock a gate or a front door separately. It allows users to see and interact with visitors with sharp vision and high-quality audio, while detecting people passing by with real-time notifications and video playback.


    Its design is extremely useful for families living in large homes or mansions, where the HP7 replaces a doorman for remote communication and smarter protection. Beyond that, the HP7 takes center stage as a powerful smart home hub with an intuitive interface, seamlessly connecting and controlling a wide range of EZVIZ products.


    Understanding people’s growing need for stylish smart home products that reflect modern aesthetics, the HP7 adapts sleek, minimalist appearance using refined materials, making it not only a necessity, but also a pleasure to manage home access with the HP7. These efforts have won numerous awards and word-of-mouth endorsements, including the Excellent Product Design from the German Design Awards 2024.


    “The HP7 is a vital piece of the puzzle for EZVIZ to build diverse and customized front door solutions for families with different needs, filling the special market void that’s not covered by our video doorbells and smart door viewers,” said Binghong Wang, “It shows EZVIZ’s commitment to building future-oriented easy smart homes with extensive product choices and user-centric designs.”

  • For media inquiries, please contact: media@ezviz.com
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