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Installation Check

General Information

Key Orientation

EZVIZ DL01S Smart Lock is compatible with both horizntally and vertically oriented keyways.

Interior Use Only

EZVIZ DL01S Smart Lock is installed on the interior side of the door and is not intended for outdoor use.

Any Number of Rotations

Two or more turns, it's all the same. EZVIZ DL01S Smart Lock works no matter the number of locking rotations required.

Where do you want to install your smart lock?

Outdoor but with roof

If the smart lock won’t be exposed to a high humidity environment, you may install it outside, too.

Outdoor without roof

Which of the following locking cylinders do you have on the inside of your door?

Euro profile cylinder
UK oval cylinder
Knob cylinder
Swiss round cylinder
EZVIZ Cylinder

Coming Soon

Is there a door handle on your door besides the key?


Is the door handle above or below the cylinder?

Above the cylinder
Below the cylinder

Can you open the door with the door handle when it's already unlocked by the key?


Is the gap between the locking cylinder and the door handle wider than 100mm?


Does your door open inwards?


Please make sure the lock won't hit the wall when opening outwards.

Is the gap between the locking cylinder and the door frame wider than 30mm?


Does your door have a thumbturn or a key on the inside?


Can you unlock the door from the outside when a key is inserted on the inside?


Can you unlock the door from the outside when a key is inserted on the inside?

Greater than 31x11x17mm
Less than 31x11x17mm

How thick is the head of your key?

Thicker than 5mm
Thinner than 5mm

How far does your key protrude from your locking cylinder?

Greater than 40mm
Less than or equal to 40mm

Unfortunately, your door is not currently compatible with EZVIZ DL01S

Your door does not currently meet the requirements for the EZVIZ DL01S Smart Lock.

However, you may still check out our smart lock collections here.

Your cylinder does not currently meet the specifications for use with EZVIZ DL01S

You can still use EZVIZ DL01S. All you need to do is replace the cylinder lock on your door.

You may sign up for the newsletter and stay tuned for the EZVIZ cylinder (coming soon).

Your door is compatible with EZVIZ DL01S

According to your specifications, you should be able to use EZVIZ DL01S Smart Lock without any restrictions.

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