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  • EZVIZ Launches C3X: A Dual-Lens Color Night Vision Security Camera with Built-in AI to Detect Vehicle and Person Motion Events
  • Rather than leveraging spotlights, the AI-powered smart home camera uses unprecedented dual lenses to render color monitoring in dark environments
  • March 18, 2020 – EZVIZ, a global-leading smart home security brand, today announced the launch of its most advanced and highly anticipated outdoor Wi-Fi camera, the C3X. Thanks to dual-lens camera setup, C3X produces color video in extremely dark environments (lab test result: 0.005 lux condition), without turning on the spotlight. As a result, C3X users see authentic details in nighttime images, such as the color of clothes and cars, which are routinely lost in traditional security cameras.


    Powered by embedded AI deep learning algorithms, the C3X camera recognizes moving persons and vehicles, and distinguish those from animals, foliage, or other insignificant objects. The camera will push real-time notifications to the user’s phone when vehicles and/or persons cross specific lines that the user drew on the application. No subscription fee is required for the functionality.


    C3X features a built-in siren and strobe light, and can be programmed to use them upon detecting motion-based events. Users can change the siren to a pre-recorded audio track, saying, for example, “You’ve entered private property” as a warning. The camera’s alert accuracy will continually improve since the EZVIZ team will continue to improve the model and make regular firmware updates available through the EZVIZ App.


    “C3X is the company’s most sophisticated smart home camera to date,” said EZVIZ product manager Jobs Cheung. “The camera has integrated our user’s favorite EZVIZ features, such as proactive defense, two-way communication, and micro-SD card support. Combining revolutionary low-light and AI technologies with EZVIZ’s engineering, the C3X will surely become a popular outdoor security camera in the smart home and small business markets.”


    As an outdoor Wi-Fi camera with the IP67 weatherproof rating and dual antennas for stable wireless connections, the C3X delivers year-round security and peace of mind.


    More C3X information:

    ·         1080p full-HD video resolution

    ·         H.265 video compression technology

    ·         Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz band transmission

    ·         IP67 dust-and-waterproof

    ·         On-board micro-SD card storage up to 256 GB

    ·         Simple management using the EZVIZ App


    Following the launch of the company's first color night vision camera at last year’s IFA, EZVIZ is extending its excellence by bringing color night vision and AI capabilities to more of its smart home cameras. “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we hope our customers are too,” adds Cheung.


    Product and service specifications and availability may vary by country. Please contact a local EZVIZ representative for precise information.


    Company Profile

    Established in 2013, EZVIZ dedicates itself to creating a safe, convenient and smart life for users through its intelligent devices, cloud-based platform, and AI technology. The innovative products and services from EZVIZ can be applied to home, workplaces, stores, schools, and more. EZVIZ empowers partners to share our unique cloud services, and together we build a thriving IoT ecosystem.

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